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For over 30 years Young's Automotive Service Center has been caring for Cadillacs.

Cadillac scheduled maintenance



are not new to us.

From its beginning Cadillac has been a premiere luxury car. Since 1902 to the present, the name Cadillac signifies comfort. Some of the multitude of makes and models are: the
Escalade full-sized SUV, Escalade EXT pickup truck, Cadillac CTS, Cadillac CTS-V, CTS Sport Wagon, CTS Coupe, and Cadillac SRX.

To keep your Cadillac performing at the level you expect consult your manual for the scheduled maintenance relative to your model.

Cadillac recommends routine maintenance services, including:

  • Oil Changes: based on your Cadillac’s Oil Life Monitor system
  • Tire Rotation every 7,500 miles
  • Engine air cleaner filter replacement
  • Passenger compartment air filter replacement
  • Multi-Point Vehicle Inspections (MPVI)
  • Brake Pads Checked

Our service work will meet or exceed the recommendation of your scheduled maintenance, and we know your driving habits to be able to keep you informed of any pending issues with your Cadillac.

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